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Charlie’s Trips by: Jack Felson Book Tour

Title: Charlie’s Trips
Author: Jack Felson
Publisher: Two Colors Ventures
Pages: 232
Format: ebook
Source: Author Review for Pump Up Your Book Promotions

A tornado sweeps through an area of the deep Middle West and takes away a teenage soldier, Charlie Bradshaw, who’s hurled into space-time and ends up 21 years later, on the West Coast, off San Francisco. He’s found on a beach, alive but unconscious.

He finally emerges from a 2-day coma… with no idea of where and when he is, what he has become and what is happening around him.

L. Frank Baum’s legendary story meets Philip K. Dick, H.G. Wells and Roald Dahl in this surprising, forward-looking YA novel about a new kind of character, able to see into the future when he lost his past.

My Thoughts:

This was a great adventure as Charlie Bradshaw is a star in the beginning being the youngest to enlist in the military.  He finds himself chasing into a tornado and disappearing 21 years.  When he resurfaces in San Francisco  in a coma, it’s up to Laura and her husband Paul to find out what is going on with Charlie.  With no list of fanatics thinking Charlie is Jesus, due to his ability to predict the future.  Charlie has no memory of his life or who he is.  Only about an earthquake about to happen.  A true precognitive.  Various people he runs up against have doubts until his predictions come true.  Will Charlie get back to his family?  Or even his own time?  This book really was great full of action and adventure.  The ending was kind of open ended to the possibilities at the end whether it be meeting up with his family, or more military or scientists.

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