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Review Information:

If you are looking for information on what our review policies are, here they are.  We go review arcs from authors and try to get to every book that comes across our computer.  With that stated first and foremost I perfer reading physical books over ebooks, so if you have a physical book please let me know right away.  Paula, Natalie and Caitlyn reside in Connecticut, USA so keep that in mind.  Simay is located in Turkey.  To find out more about what Simay offers feel free to click the link for her blog.

Review Dates for Posting:

We try to get to these as soon as possible, if you have a specific date in mind please let me know and I will work towards achieving that date.  Otherwise they go in a pile that I try to work on within that month.

Keep in mind that I mix requested books in with ones I’ve purchased or requested from places like NetGalley so those can generally be put on the back burner for an author request.  Just let me know that in your email.

Guest Posts, Spotlights and More:

I am always looking to feature Guest Posts, Spotlights, and other fun things just let me know, generally I leave the topic up to the author, so it’s a pretty broad area on what will work.

What I accept:

Paranormal Romance, Romance, Mystery, Young Adult Romance,  Fantasy, children’s books, Book Series, Adult Fiction, SteamPunk,

Contact Me here for more information

We  are also offering free advertising of your book via our site with links to promote through LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  We look forward to working with you this year.

Include in your email:

The Title
Picture (img)
Date for Review (I try to work hard at getting books reviewed in a timely manner.)
and any other information you think we need to know
Please contact me for our stat information.

We also post our reviews on:
Barnes and Noble

In accordance with FTC, we receive no monetary endorsements for the books that are sent to us for a review.  The opinions expressed here are mineand no one else’s.  All books shown on this site unless otherwise stated are property of Book Lover Stop. All pictures are via google and the credit for the picture goes to the original artist. All reviews are property of the Author posting them. 


2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Terri Morgan January 6, 2012 at 9:40 pm Reply

    Hi Paula, Do you review e-books? I’m the author of Playing the Genetic Lottery, which is about a 32-year-old wife and mother who grew up with two schizophrenic parents. Currently it’s available only as an e-book, but I hope to have a paperback version out early this year. Would you be interested in reviewing my novel or finding out more about it? You can contact me and/or check out exceprts at
    Thanks, Terri

    • Paula January 7, 2012 at 7:46 am Reply

      I sent you an email about it looks like a great book

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