The Bronze and The Brimstone by: Lory S. Kaufman Tour

11283823Title: The Bronze and The Brimstone
Author: Lory S. Kaufman
Publisher: Fiction Studio Books
Pages: 334
Format: Paperback
Source: Pump Up Your Book Promotions


What could go wrong in the 14th-century
for three time-traveling teens?
How about – EVERYTHING!

Hansum, Shamira and Lincoln, three teens from the 24th-century, are trapped in 14th-century Verona, Italy. They’ve survived many deadly experiences by keeping their wits about them and by introducing futuristic technology into the past. Principal among these inventions is the telescope, which brought them to the attention to the rich and powerful.

But standing out can get you into unexpected and dangerous situations. The nobles of Verona now believe Hansum is a savant, a genius inventor, especially after he brings them plans for advanced cannons and black powder. Being the center of attention is great, but the potential for trouble is now exponentially greater because people are watching Hansum’s every move.

Meanwhile, artistic genius Shamira has fallen for a Florentine artist with bloody and disasterous consequences. Lincoln, considered an incompetent back home in the 24th-century, has blossomed – at least until he’s shot in the head with an arrow. And Hansum, after secretly marrying his new master’s beautiful daughter, Guilietta, is offered the hand in marriage of lady Beatrice, daughter of the ruler of Verona. To refuse could mean calamity for all the teens.

Amazingly, none of this is their biggest challenge. Because a rash illness is spreading across Verona – and it is threatening to consume everyone.

Do they have a future in this past?

My Thoughts:

This book was provided to me via Pump Up Your Book Promotions for a honest and fair review, these thoughts are mine and mine alone.  With that being said this book was incredible.  Our three young friends pick up where they left off with Romero and Guilietta married in a secret ceremony which creates all sorts of problems when the master won’t approve of their marriage without the blessing of the Podesta who has plans for Romero which include marrying him to his daughter.

Shamira starts to fall for a guy who has his own secret agenda including obtaining a looker for his boss, who has promised him all sorts of things to get him to cooperate.  When Lincoln, Guilietta and the master figure out what is going on they rush to the aid of Shamira.  And then there is Romero who has been moved to where the Podesta resides to make gun powder for cannons.

How long til their secrets really mess up this century.  This book was full of so much going on.  From a hidden romance to keeping Pan a secret which Romero is listening to less and less.  I would definitely put this up there with so many dystopians out there right now.  A book well worth buying!


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