The Disappearance by: Susan Berliner

Title: The Disappearance
Author: Susan Berliner
Pages: 240
Publisher: SRB Books
Format: Paperback
Source: Pump Up Your Book Promotions


When Jillian Keating is arrested for the murder of her missing boyfriend, Ryan Cornell, she has two immediate questions: Why did he frame her—and where is he hiding?

Using her own ingenuity, plus the help of a resourceful lady lawyer and a dashing young private investigator, Jillian discovers the surprising—and disturbing—answers. Her boyfriend is not what he appears to be. The real Ryan, consumed with hate, has devised an ingenious scheme to destroy her while he escapes into the past via a hidden time travel portal. But even knowing all this, Jillian is left with a more difficult question: How can she capture Ryan and bring him back?

Filled with memorable characters, bizarre twists, and riveting suspense, The Disappearance culminates with an elaborate sting operation as Jillian and her friends travel through time to lure Ryan into their clever trap. If they succeed, she will go free. But if they fail, Jillian will surely face murder charges for the death of Ryan Cornell.

My Thoughts:

Unlike most time travel books this one picks up quickly. First with a heated discussion/fight between Jillian and Ryan, then a totally different Ryan decides to go for a walk after incriminating the heck out of his girlfriend and leaving her on the hook for his murder.

Jillian dumbfounded by all this learns an awful lot about her “boyfriend” about how he wasn’t the right guy for her or even close to being in love with her blaming her for a long ago car accident that affected them both.

This book had lots of twists and turns I really enjoyed how they tricked Ryan to catch him and how Jillian moved on with her life.

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