Guilded Wings by: Amy Lingor Guest Post and Giveaway


Character Do 

You Most Identify With?

I love this question, by the way. It comes up in all kinds of interviews. And, think about it, you can identify with everyone from historical figures to movie characters, book characters – even your next door neighbor who lives with a hundred cats, if you want to.

I read recently that one writer – on his horrific days where he can’t seem to write a word – finds himself identifying most with the Captain of the Titanic as the iceberg approaches. I loved that answer, and boy does it fit. As a writer, when the scene is going extremely bad, that iceberg actually looks like a gift.

When it comes to The Angel Chronicles, I love Matthew the most, but I will always identify with Emily. She’s a bit more sarcastic, to say the least, and she’s a bit more tortured – loving her job, yet sometimes wishing that she didn’t have to do it. In fact, she even admits in Until Next Time that she doesn’t understand why they even bother to help souls in the first place, seeing as that there are so many bad ones who don’t deserve it. She has a great deal of questions, and also has a love that’s tearing her up inside because she can’t figure out what the right ‘move’ is. If she falls and falls hard, she may end up being hideous at her job because her mind will be on the ‘one’ and not on what she’s supposed to be doing. She also has the added struggle of Jason versus Matthew; a best friend versus a romance. Can there be two soul mates for one person? That’s the burning question.

Matthew knows his job, loves his job and has no qualms about what he does. But, with Gilded Wings, he begins to see Emily’s point of view. That’s why the cover – which was drawn so beautifully by Emma Michaels – shows Matthew in a more ‘lost’ sense. He’s waiting for the girl and partner he loves…but has no idea what he will have to give up in order to do the job he was sent to do.

The other character I really identify with is Leah Tallent. In a new series titled, Tallent & Lowery, Leah is a librarian who becomes stuck in a puzzle of mammoth proportions. She must use her intricate mind to solve mysteries that a man by the name of Gareth Lowery needs her help with. Independent, brutally sarcastic at times and hysterically funny, Leah hides a huge heart that begins to scare her a great deal. When writing Leah, I laugh. She has the lines that I love and that I remember on a daily basis. And she – like Matthew and Emily – has become very real to me.

So think about it. What character do you identify with? Are you into the macabre like Poe? Are you into the romantic soul of a Jane Austen star? Perhaps you feel close to the kids on Glee (which is a cool show, by the way), or perhaps you’re the Sherlock Holmes of your generation? I would love to know!

That’s where the power of books and movies come into play for someone like me. There are so many thrilling and unforgettable characters out there, that our world becomes way more fun when it’s filled with the Arts. An industry we should never take for granted!

Until Next Time, Everybody,


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Excerpt Post:

Gabriel watched in silence as his young angel rocked forward in her chair and fell through the warm clouds back to the drafty ship below. He felt the sadness in his own soul, wishing that Emily could remember her angelic life and all her gifts and friends when she was in Anya’s body. At least then his angel would never feel alone as she walked the path of her second turbulent time on earth.

Michael opened the door just as his beloved daughter disappeared from sight. “Is she all right?”

“She met the boy.”

“Good. He needs her,” Michael replied quietly.

“So do the others.” “She’ll do fine. She’s strong. Emily will make the right decisions.”

“I hope you’re right, my friend. But…gilded wings may be too heavy to bear,” Gabriel mumbled.

Music began to filter through the room as the hallway outside Gabriel’s classroom grew dark. The peaceful evening was upon them and they both silently prayed for the children they had once again sent out into the cold, harsh world.

Michael looked over. “Did she ask about anyone?”


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2 thoughts on “Guilded Wings by: Amy Lingor Guest Post and Giveaway

  1. Tribute Books November 16, 2012 at 10:08 am Reply

    Paula, thanks so much for your continued support of Amy and ‘The Angel Chronicles.’ Glad to have you back for Book 2 🙂

  2. Amy Lignor November 16, 2012 at 4:05 pm Reply

    Paula – Thank you SO much for having Emily and Matthew be part of your fantastic blog. I really appreciate it and I hope your readers love their second adventure. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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