Shadow in the Reflection by: Joe Niehaus and Mary Sikora

Title: Shadow in the Reflection
Author: Joe Niehaus & Mary Sikora
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 301
Format: Paperback
Source: Pump Up Your Book Promotions

Can destiny be fulfilled in just one lifetime? Dr. Gregory Ambrose thinks so. Through past-life regression therapy with a young woman named Anne, he finds himself carried over the centuries to not only a different time but a different reality. Anne’s memories act like tendrils, drawing Ambrose into this most savage time with her.

Frustrated and confused Dr. Ambrose reaches out to a colleague for help. During their conversations, he learns that one of this doctor’s past-life regression patients believes that he was some kind of Viking in another time-not unlike the Vikings in Anne’s memories.

The coincidence is too much, and Ambrose’s imagination and ambition tempt him down a dangerous path. Determined to know the truth and understand the connection, he begins to push the limits of his ethics. p>What evolves is a story from another time, when wizards and warriors battle for power. The fate of two lands-one fighting for unity, the other for safety-hangs in the balance as two druids play out their own endgame strategies. At the same time, two hearts seek their destiny with true love. Fate lends a hand as all meet in a final battle.

Is it truly the end or just the beginning?

My Thoughts:

This book is the story of Anne, Dr. Greg Ambrose and Hap Roth and their past lives. Dr. Ambrose suggest doing a regression session to see about past lives, and with the help of his colleague Tom they are able to document the story of three people including Dr. Greg Ambrose who are all around way back when during the era of Vikings. Anne who is Anya in a past life is a saxon Britain. Tom Ivy writes the notes of these session which as filled with adventure and blood shed. Definitely great story for those who like reading about Vikings, Saxon and historical period pieces. A great adventure to be had by all!


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