Terminal Ambition by: Kate McGuinness

Title: Terminal Ambition
Author: Kate McGuinness
Publisher: Two XX Press
Pages: 289
Series: Maggie Mahoney
Source: Pump Up Your Book Promotions
Format: paperback


Maggie Mahoney wants justice for women at her law firm.
The firm chairman wants to be Attorney General.
Only one can win.

Sweeny, Owens & Boyle sits at the top of Wall Street law firms. Brilliant and beautiful, Maggie Mahoney became a partner and the trophy wife of its managing attorney. Her husband’s death renders Maggie an outsider with the firm’s male establishment and creates a power vacuum.

Obsessed with his dream of becoming the next Attorney General, firm chairman, Andy Anderson, chooses a surprising replacement: Jack Slattery, a reputed sexist. Jack’s background hardly qualifies him for such a prominent position. Maggie suspects Jack has something on Andy, but what is it?

Andy’s ambition drives him to desperate measures. With proof of misconduct in hand, Maggie demands justice, but it comes at a high price.

If ambition rules, can justice prevail?

My Thoughts:

Early on in this book Maggie is faced with the death of her husband who was a partner in the law firm of Sweeny, Owens & Boyle.  After a time grieving she goes back to work and realizes she has lost her major client and is trying to get some clients to cover her own bills, when she gets appointed to a discrimination group to see if women are happy in the law firm.  Maggie soon learns what is really going on, and it infuriates her to no point.

This was a very quick read and I couldn’t put it down.  This book shows how much some places don’t change in how women are treated as opposed to men.  When most of the men are given nothing more than a slap on the wrist Maggie takes it upon herself to find a way to fight back and show that what she thought she was a partner in wasn’t what she wanted.  Definitely a great book with lots of interesting characters who had more about them then meets the eye.

I received this book from Tracee at Pump Up Your Books Promotion for a honest and fair review.


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