Guest Post: Giacomo Giammatteo Author of Murder Takes Time

Thank you to Giacomo Giammatteo for another great guest post:

What Inspired Me to Write a Mystery Novel


I love to read, and the list of what I read is varied. I love ancient history, some eras of military history, mysteries, thrillers, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, biographies, but in genre fiction my biggest love is mystery/suspense books. When I started writing, though, I began with fantasy books. I finished three of them and was outlining the final one when I got the idea to do the mystery books. It was really my kids who drove me to do it. They insisted I write a book that incorporated some of the stories I used to tell them about growing up in the city.


I started thinking of how I could do it and make it real, then I thought, “what if” certain things happened? What would we have done? So I started building a mystery around that concept. Getting the idea of what to tell wasn’t nearly as difficult as figuring out how to tell it. To me, the storytelling part is the most important. It has to be interesting, and different. I decided to tell mine from two different point of views, and also have the story shift back and forth in time.


I don’t usually like stories where there are extended flashbacks because it stops the momentum. I knew I’d have to make this a little different. In Murder Takes Time, the detective has a series of murders that point to one of his old friends, and the flashbacks serve to fill the reader in on what went on so they can get clues to what happened that turned one of his friends into a killer.


The odd thing is, when I was trying to get an agent for this book, I had several of them tell me to switch to one POV only, and others tell me to tell the story in a linear fashion, get rid of the shifts in time. But now I’m hearing from the readers that they love it done this way, so I’m glad I stuck with what I had. In fact, the feedback has been so positive on the different POVs that I decided to do all my books that way.


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One thought on “Guest Post: Giacomo Giammatteo Author of Murder Takes Time

  1. Elizabeth August 25, 2012 at 9:49 pm Reply

    I am doing a review for this book. THANKS for the guest post. GREAT JOB!!

    Found you on the Partners in Crime Host List. I am on the list as well.

    Stop by my blog if you like…I have a giveaway for a mystery book going on.

    Silver’s Reviews

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