Revenant by: Allan Leverone

Title: Revenant
Author: Allan Leverone
Publisher: StoneHouse Ink
Pages: 174
Format: ebook
Source: Partners In Crime Book Tour
Series: Paskagankee #2


A sacred Navajo artifact, imbued with a shocking and dangerous power.

An amoral con man, willing to stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

And a tiny northern Maine town, isolated and vulnerable.

Last November, Paskagankee, Maine was shaken to its core, held hostage by a centuries-old curse, terrorized by a brutal killing spree stopped at the last possible moment by new police chief Mike McMahon and beautiful young patrol officer Sharon Dupont.

Now, just as the pair—and the town—is beginning to recover, a new horror comes calling.

Billionaire Seattle software designer Brett Parker is in Paskagankee to check on the progress of his newly-constructed summer retreat. But he’s not the only new resident in town. Max Acton, murderous sociopath and Arizona cult leader, has gained possession of a long-hidden sacred Navajo artifact with the ability to reanimate the dead.

Acton aims to use the stone in a murderous plot to kidnap Parker and steal his revolutionary new software design developed for the U.S. Department of Defense, selling it to the highest bidder and making millions. He doesn’t even need to get his hands dirty. All he needs is a victim to kill . . . and reanimate . . . and force to do his bidding.

All he needs is a revenant.

And the revenant is angry. And he’s deadly. And he’s unstoppable. And the town of Paskagankee will once again become a battleground between the living and the dead . . .

My Thoughts:

Oh my gosh what a thrilling book, I was hooked on this series with the first one and this book is just as good.  Mike McMahon is the police chief of Paskagankee Maine where not much happens that was until the previous year and the ex-chief’s murdering spree atleast that is the official story,  Now Mike and Sharon find themselves fighting against another evil spirit.  When a sacred stone goes missing it’s up to Mike and Sharon to find out where it is and what any of this has to do with a local drunk.

Sharon finds herself dealing with the overly dead drunk running or limping around trying to find away to separate the stone from the overly dead guy.  I am such a huge fan of Allan Leverone he writes crazy awesome thrillers that have you putting everything else on hold to finish the book.  The sign of a awesome writer is the ability to keep people’s attention for the whole story.  I love how he is able to weave spirits, and Native American’s into his stories.  Definitely someone I love to tour with!  Just don’t keep us hanging to long for your next book!


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