The Ghost and The Dead Deb by: Alice Kimberly

Title: The Ghost and The Dead Deb
Author: Alice Kimberly
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 260
Series: Haunted Bookshop Mystery #2


Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure wants her resident sleuth-ghost, Jack, to stop haunting her customers. But when a pretty author is murdered, Jack can’t rest in peace.


My Thoughts:

Oh my gosh I love this series so far.  In this one Penelope finds herself having missing people all over the place when a controversial author Angel Stark writes a tell all about the rich and famous she meets with people who’d rather not flash murder around for profit.  Lots are angry about this book and someone is angry enough to kill over it.  When the body of the author is found in a body of water by the local inn, it’s up to Penelope and her ghost of companion Jack the very dead P.I to find out what is going on and who’s out to get whom.

This is definitely not your typical cozy mystery as Penelope likes to look at people with rose contacts/glasses.  She I think in a lot of ways is still reeling from the suicide of her husband.  The impact that has on Penelope and her son.  She seems to be trying to give her son the good things in life without the money her husband came from.  Shying away from the money and power that the McClure’s represent.

Jack is a true to his time era type of P.I. full of slang of his era girls being dolls, and P.I.’s being Dicks.  I enjoy how he helps Penelope but also needs her to help him find out why he was killed. He has finally got some of his story out to Penelope through old case files.  I just enjoy the back and forth between the two.

The town I love how the neighbors rally together and times and generally care for one another which can be rare nowadays you don’t see that as much as you did then.  I definitely enjoy going back to Rhode Island time and time again!


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