Lethal Outlook by: Victoria Laurie

Title: Lethal Outlook
Author: Victoria Laurie
Publisher: NAL
Pages: 361
Source: ebook
Series: Psychic Eye Mystery #10


When a mysterious client approaches Abby with a cryptic message about a young mother who has vanished, Abby is more than willing to get involved. After all, it’s the perfect distraction from dealing with the headache of her sister Cat – who has flown into town and turned Abby and Dutch’s impending nuptials into Weddingpalooza.

After Abby recruits her business partner and BFF, Candice, to assist, they meet with the parents of the missing woman. But the parents refuse to put their faith in a psychic. What’s worse, due to a grave misunderstanding, the family suspects Abby has a connection to their daughter’s husband – the man they believe to be responsible for her disappearance.

So while the family may be blind to the truth, with a potential killer in her sights, Abby is determined to keep her eyes wide open…

My Thoughts:

As always I love this series and this one didn’t disappoint.  Abby Cooper is stealing healing from the previous book where she injured her hip, and is now hobbling around with a cane.  This book was a nice change as Abby wasn’t knee deep in fbi work and instead was dealing with a mysterious client who comes to see her and sends her to investigate a woman who was murdered.  Abby and Cassidy to do their thing and look into the murder spending most of the time getting more question and not answers when Dutch steps in makes some calls and leads the girls in the right direction.  Always a thrilling ride!


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