Splitsville.com by: Tonya Kappes

Title: Splitsville.com
Author: Tonya Kappes
Publisher: Tonya Kappes
Pages: 300
Series: An Olivia Davis Paranormal Mystery #1
Format: ebook
Source: Purchase


Splitsville.com is more than Olivia Davis ever dreamed of when she launched the online break up service where she does the dirty work under the alias of Jenn. No one can find out she’s the mastermind of her internet sensation, especially when they threaten her for breaking their hearts.

More importantly, Olivia can’t keep a job. The problem is, she has a “gift”. Or what she considers a curse- reading auras. When a bunch of auras collide, Olivia isn’t able to function. So having an online business works out great.

But when two of her clients turn up dead and puts her company at risk, she’s the first one on the trail. With Splitsville.com future on the line, it’s time to use her “gift” to figure out who the killer is and who’s trying to set her up.

You never know who’s behind the monitor!

My Thoughts:

This was a great book that I got through Barnes and Noble.  It’s the story of Olivia Davis who spends her days dumping people for her clients anything from a date breakup to a divorce break up.  She uses the alias of Jenn so people who meet her don’t know who she is.  Her company is Splitsville.com and she does just that.  When someone from Olivia’s past ends up dead curiosity strikes Olivia even more so when her best friend Erin’s boyfriend ends up murder and Splitsville.com’s identity is about to be revealed Olivia decides to find out who, what and why.  Olivia also meets Bradley and they start dating which is a cute relationship while the main thing going on is who is killing people and who is threatening Olivia.  This book in a way made me think of Victoria Laurie’s psychic eye mysteries and I loved it can’t wait to see what she writes next!


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