Daily Happenings…Me Oh My It’s Raining

Woke up to this outside today, well maybe not quite so severe yet but we’re getting some good ole rain.  Definitely think it’s a great day to read a book with it wet outside. I’m reading a few books I’ve been meaning to read lately.  I also started to reread Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money after not being able to get back to Stephanie Plum I thought I might have to reread the couple I’ve read to get caught up to work on this series.  Have you ever found that happening having to go back and check out a series you want to finish but forgetting things about it so finding yourself rereading or skimming the book?

The weather around here the next couple of days is rain, rain and more rain.  Hoping to get a lot accomplished book wise while the weather looks dreary outside.  So what are you reading this week?



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