Last Week of School

The last week of school is here and the kids will be running crazy for a great summer, and I’m working on getting some books reviewed before chaos ensues at our house.  The kids just finished Charlotte’s Web the movie and are in love with the story.  At their age I remember loving that movie and book.  This summer I’m taking a small break from Book Touring so I can focus on my to be read list which is crazy long, seriously there aren’t enough days in the year to read all these great books, but we’ll see how the summer pans out.

I have one tour in July Color of Snow, which is turning into a great story!  I mean look at that picture the girl is so pretty.  I also want let Tribute Books now that I will always be a tour host of theirs the covers of their books and stories are incredible.

I’m also working on all those challenges in my sidebar hoping to get them done and caught up and will be working on cleaning up the blog and fine tuning things on it! 

How is your day shaping up?  What books are you currently reading?


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One thought on “Last Week of School

  1. Tribute Books June 18, 2012 at 6:03 pm Reply

    Paula, we always love to have you review our titles. Thanks for squeezing us in and I hope you enjoy your summer. Thank you for the kind words!

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