Refuge by: Rebecca McKinnon

Title: Refuge
Author: Rebecca McKinnon
Format: ebook
Source: Author Request
Series: The Refuge Trilogy #3


She’s lived in two worlds.
Both hold people she loves.
The choice between them was easier than she’d hoped.

Now that they’re back in The Refuge, Narissa is faced with honoring the promise to keep her marriage to Daman a secret. As much as she hates the idea, it’s important to Daman. But even though she understands why it means so much to him, she has doubts. Could Daman have another reason for keeping their relationship quiet?

While Daman starts to build the life he wants, Narissa finds her own life spinning out of her control. The council gives her unexpected assignments. Friendships take turns she doesn’t see coming. And Narissa can’t help thinking she made a mistake in returning to The Refuge

My Thoughts:

This series was an incredible ride and the best book I think is the last one.  Narissa is back in The Refuge married to Damen but hiding the secret of their marriage to conform to the customs of the Refuge, what they didn’t count on was things turning out as bizarre as they did.  Rissa finds herself running from The Refuge only finding out that sometimes what you think you known isn’t the right thing.  We get to revisit with Rissa’s father Felix, her sister and brother.  See what they are up to in the real world.  We also get to meet up with the friends in The Refuge and see the changes Rissa helps to implement.  Laws she helps change for the better, turning the Refuge into a democracy letting the people speak for themselves.  What a great trilogy!


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