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Hollywood Stories by: Stephen Schochet

Title: Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes about the Stars and Legends of the Movies!
Author: Stephen Schochet
Publisher: Hollywood Stories
Pages: 312
Format: e-book
Source: Ever After PR

My Thoughts:

This was an interesting book to review.  I received it from Ever After PR, it’s tells various stories about actors, actresses and everyone in the movie industry.  Some of the stories were quiet funny, some made you wonder about the other side of Hollywood.  I even found myself looking for old Grucho Marx movies to watch to see what the actors were like in their roles.  I enjoyed reading about it.  Definitely a glipse into Hollywood that not everyone sees I would recommend this to those who love watching movies and learning about Hollywood.


Killer Bytes by: Alan Williams

Title: Killer Bytes (Novella)
Author: Alan Williams
Publisher: Alan Williams
Pages: 132 Format: Paperback
Source: Partners In Crime Book Tour

My Thoughts:

This book rocked it had mystery, characters atleast I wanted to learn about.  Someone is killing certain people that have some link in common and it’s up to the police and Wil Jackson a tech gadget geek and blogger to figure out who is killing people and the connection to it.  For it being a novella the book really held my interest wanting more I was surprised when it ended.

I have one autographed copy of the book to giveaway just reply in the comment with your email address this contest will end the 25th of April.  This contest is open internationally as well as USA residents!

Guest Post: Bill Walker

Guest Post by: Bill Walker author of Titanic 2012

Thank you Mr. Walker for stopping by today with this great guest post.

For me, writing the novel TITANIC 2012 was a way of extending the emotional experience of Cameron’s film. I’m not exaggerating when I say the film hit me like a ton of bricks. That movie has a power on the big screen that it lacks on TV or DVD. I felt it again when I saw the promo for the film’s April re-release in the theatre. As soon as it hit the screen, all the feelings I originally felt came back–even though I’ve seen the film a dozen times thereafter on smaller screens. After seeing it the first two times, I knew I wanted to do my own Titanic story, but it wasn’t until I read an article that mentioned Jim Cameron briefly considered actually building a working replica of the ship that the light bulb went off over my head. What if, I said, someone actually did rebuild the Titanic to sail on the 100th anniversary? What would that voyage be like? Who would be on that voyage? And why would they want to be on it? For me, “What If” are two of the most exciting words in the English language.

As for research, I’m not one of those writers who will go to the library and conduct open-ended research on a topic ad nauseum. I just find it far too daunting–like a task that would seem to go on forever. Instead, when I’m thinking about a topic, I’ll have a series of questions that pertain directly to plot points both major and minor. Finding the answers to those questions is very rewarding experience, especially if the answers I find bolster my original idea. Of course, I often find that the facts don’t support what I plan to do, so I have a decision to make. Do I flout the facts and write the story as originally conceived and make my apologies in my “Author’s Note”? Or, now that I’m armed with the true facts, do I rethink my story and go in a different direction? I’ve done both. Sometimes my original idea is too compelling to abandon and at other times the new facts inspire an idea that’s even better than the original one. That’s what the craft of writing is all about: inspiration, and the discipline that supports and propels that inspiration into a readable book.

Titanic 2012 by: Bill Walker Book Tour

Title: Titanic 2012
Author: Bill Walker
Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications
Pages: 232
Format: e-book
Source: Partners In Crime Book Tour
Purchase: Barnes&Noble / Amazon

My Thoughts:

This was given to me from Partners In Crime as part of a book tour.  It was a great story about love and great tragedy.  The main character Trevor Hughes who is a great mystery writer and after going to his reunion and reconnecting with an old friend  Harlan Astor tells

him he’s rebuilt the Titanic and plans to set her out on a maiden voyage.  Harlan tempts Trevor and invites him to write about the voyage and the people going.  Trevor unable to resist snatches up the idea, he slowly meets the people on the Titanic and can only figure out that everyone going is single, no couples.  It takes a bit of time for Trevor to discover the real secret with this voyage.

This was a great story had me feeling all sorts of emotions between reading about the description of the new Titanic, to the wonder about the guests on her ship to the real reason to the story.  At the end I felt sad by what happened.  But it was a great story, we see Trevor experience so much with this journey.  Meeting a woman he falls in love with to accepting what fate or people’s lack of hope brings them to decide.  Definitely a great book for fans of Titanic and people connected to it.

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