The Fallen One by: Lenore Wolfe and Giveaway

Title: The Fallen One
Author: Lenore Wolfe
Publisher: Triquetra Press
Pages: 323
Series: Sons of the Dark Mother Book #1
Source: Full Moon Bites Book Tour
Format: e-book
Purchase: Barnes and Noble / Amazon

My Thoughts:

This book starts out with the main character Justice fighting a gang who has had it out for him.  While walking his sisters to school the gang descends on him, during the course of the battle something happens and Justice turns into a Jaguar and kills the gang.

Fast forward to the present time and Jes is looking for Justice, knowing what he is and wondering why he killed them.  She mentions that Jaguars aren’t  suppose to kill humans.  What Jes hasen’t figured out is that her and Justice are soul mates.  Their lives are very intertwined.  Having both lost their parents when they were young it’s no surprise that they would both be curious about what happened to them.

The sisters remind me of the television charmed with the power of three as the sister witches in this book  have to use their powers to help unite the various factions of groups faeries, jaguars, vampires.  When it seems neither group really trusts the others.  This book was full of action, adventure, mystery and romance.  Definitely a good book for people who enjoy paranormal, mystery, and romance.  This book was given to me from Full Moon Bites in exchange for a honest and fair review.

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One thought on “The Fallen One by: Lenore Wolfe and Giveaway

  1. booketta March 20, 2012 at 9:19 am Reply

    Sounds great! Please enter me for the comp.

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