Night Sky by: Jolene B. Perry

Title: Night Sky
Author: Jolene B. Perry
Publisher: Tribute Books
Source: Tribute Books Book Tour
Format: E-book
Purchase: Barnes&Noble / Amazon

My Thoughts:

This book follows high school Senior Jameson after he lost the only girl he ever loved Sarah, who in turn wanted to date Eric and Jameson helped her achieve her goal no matter how much he felt like his heart was breaking.  On the way from the school dance he meets Sky, who shows him brutal honesty and how they get to know each other, and she won’t be his rebound from Sarah.  Meanwhile Jameson’s parents marriage is falling apart Jameson (also known as Jay) finds out his father is having an affair and is in love with another woman and Jay’s mom.  Jameson does a huge turn around in this book, accepting that what he loved about Sarah in the end wasn’t enough to replace Sky, that sometimes love means forgiving the bad things that happen.  And how love is about second chances which is what he does with Sky when she reveals a big secret to him.  Also what Jay’s mom does with her husband.  I really enjoyed the relationship between Jay and Sky and Jay and his mom.  Was great seeing a book that touched deeply on a love between mother and son.  What a great book, I really enjoyed it!


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One thought on “Night Sky by: Jolene B. Perry

  1. Tribute Books March 13, 2012 at 1:51 pm Reply

    Paula, thanks for mentioning the wonderful relationship that Jameson and his mom have. It’s such an integral part of the book and how they’re both there for each other.

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