Cherry Cheesecake Murder by: Joanne Fluke

Title: Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Author: Joanne Fluke
Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Pages: 384
Format: e-book
Series: Hannah Swensen #8

My Thoughts:

When a film is being made in Lake Eden all sorts of things go crazy.  After having two men in Hannah’s life propose to her she finds herself backed into the wall on having to pick one of them.  Then a movie is being filmed in Lake Eden and everyone seems to have stars in their eyes.  Hannah’s niece Tracy Todd is one of the lead actresses in the film.  Hannah finds the director Dean less than desirable as he hits on everyone in a skirt, until he coaches the actor in the suicide scene using a gun and ends up killing himself.  It’s up to the Swensen sisters to figure out who had the motive for murder?

I love going back and catching up with Hannah, Norman, Mike, Andrea, Bill and everyone else in Lake Eden to see what they are up to next.  Even the language and suggestions in this book are very mild.  A book I could see just about anyone falling in love with the characters and what people are up too.

All sorts of prospects to the murder get knocked out soon enough and Mike and Hannah are left wondering who did it.  Not until the end of the book did anyone figure out who it was!  Definitely a great ride!


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One thought on “Cherry Cheesecake Murder by: Joanne Fluke

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