Illusion by: Frank Peretti

Title: Illusion
Author: Frank Peretti
Publisher: Howard Books
Pages: 495
Source: Howard Books for a honest and fair review
Format: Hardcover
Purchase: Barnes&Noble / Amazon

My Thoughts:

This book was sent to me via Howard Books for a honest and fair review.  Mandy and Dane Collins where in a horrible car accident where Mandy was killed and Dane is left to pick up the pieces.  After having her memorial he moves to the house they were planning to buy together.  When you think you’ve seen the last of Mandy she reappears in the presence of a 19 year old girl who fell asleep at a fair in 1970 and woke up in 2010 not sure what is happening she does her best to piece together what is going on, after escaping a mental hospital a family takes her in and eventually using illusions and magic she is able to carve out a career of her own, and moves into an apartment with the money she has made being a magician.  Dane in the same town stumbles upon a gypsy that he tries to encourage, feeling a connection to the gypsy that reminds him of Mandy.  Then his friends take him to a coffee shop to see a girl, who is the same gypsy from not long ago that he helped.

What a great emotional ride this book was watching heartbreak and the thought of recapturing a love thought impossible.  I was definitely hooked on this book.


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