Driftwood Cotttage by: Sherryl Woods

Title: Driftwood Cottage
Author: Sherryl Woods
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 376
Source: NetGalley
Series: Chesapeake Shores #5
Purchase: Barnes&Noble / Amazon

My Thoughts:

This book centers around Conner O’Brien and Heather Donovan. Heather is looking for more in a relationship then what she has with Conner she wants the ring, commitment and marriage. Conner after dealing with his parents failed marriage wants to be as far from the altar as possible. Of course it doesn’t help that he is a divorce attorney. Heather thought with the birth of their son Mick that Conner would want more, but seeing as that isn’t possible she has left him and moved to Chesapeake Shores and opened a quilting business.  Most of the book is spent with Conner and Heather going round in circles.  They both adamant to what they want and won’t cave.  Conner finds his job is not what he wants and is offered a job in Chesapeake Shores instead of living in Baltimore.  So he takes the job and leaves his city life behind.  When Heather gets in a car accident Conner has a turn about with regards to Heather and wants to marry her, now she is the one stonewalling him.  I loved how Heather loved Driftwood Cottage even with it’s falling apart kind of like men care about cars that they rebuild.  I love this series so much!


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2 thoughts on “Driftwood Cotttage by: Sherryl Woods

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  2. Kristin T. March 31, 2012 at 12:01 pm Reply

    I love this series…and am bummed that her last book published, The Summer Garden, is quite possibly the last in the series. I am excited, though, that she is adding more books to her Sweet Magnolia series. Have you read those books yet? As of now there are 7 books published and there will be three more coming out this summer. I cannot wait! I also still have to read some of her other series – I haven’t started The Charleston Trilogy and need to finish the Rose Cottage series.

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