Guest Post by: Rebecca Jamison

Writing Romance, Whether I Like It or Not

 If you met me on the street, you probably wouldn’t recognize me as a romance writer.  I don’t wear rhinestones or lace or sequins.  I drive a minivan.  And I never watch my neighbors through binoculars (except that one time.)

I really never planned to become a Romance writer.  In my college creative writing classes, no one wrote Romance.  Instead, we wrote angst-filled stories with sad endings.  My first novel, which I wrote for my Master’s thesis, had a happy ending, but nobody fell in love.

So, when I came up with an idea for a Romance, I considered handing off the idea to someone else.  The only problem was that I already had the first couple of chapters written in my head.  I told my husband, “I really feel like writing this Romance novel, but I don’t think anybody will want to publish it.”

His response: “Go ahead and write it for fun.  You don’t have to publish everything you write.”  (Not that I’d published a novel before.)

So I started writing, and I found out that writing a Romance is a lot like writing any other kind of novel.  I had to do research.  I had to read other great writers.  I had to come up with snappy dialogue, detailed descriptions, and gripping conficts.

What was really great about writing romance was that it was fun!  I love taking a character from her ho-hum existence into a place where she’s embracing life with all its risks.  You’ve probably heard of the man with a terminal illness who cured himself by watching every funny movie he could find. I believe that a good, positive romance can have a positive effect on our health and attitude as well.  It’s the next best thing to actually falling in love!

(Here’s the link to my personal love story: )

What’s your favorite Romance?



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