Daily Happenings… Blackout Oh My!

This picture was from Reading Teen, Thank you for sharing this information. To learn more go here

For anyone looking for wikipedia, or other sites you may find that you see a black screen it looks like people are fighting back to the government passing a bill while for some that think this is ok I will tell you why it’s not:

1.  Link Backs: Sites that you link back to on things like The Hunger Games movies you could be finding your site or blog disabled due to infringing on this bill.

2. Piracy Issues: For people who download from those sites well those sites won’t be there anymore.

Those are the big two, I try not to link up too much cause I have been caught in the infringing issues.  Generally I link back to my own site or I won’t post whatever it is.  Heck parts of WordPress and Google are dark.  While Google only did their logo picture, wordpress went beyond that and blacked out a lot on their home page.

Be interesting to see how this plays out.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this.




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