Guest Post by: Elizabeth Ann West

How Does Reading Fit Into Your Life?
By: Elizabeth Ann West

First, I just want to thank Paula so very much for including her blog in my Ebook Signing Blog Tour The explosive growth of ereading wouldn’t be possible without volunteers like Paula willing to reach out to readers and write about the books she reads. It is a great deal of work, and I’m happy to give her a day off! Today, I’d like to talk about how we graft reading into our lives and offer a signed copy of my ebook, CANCELLED.

Like most readers, I figured out pretty early on that books equaled knowledge and that more knowledge made me better than the person next to me. Don’t worry, I’ve tempered this attitude. Unfortunately I’m still known as the know-it-all in my family, even though I don’t mean to be! Reading is fun, don’t get me wrong, but I was that kid reading mostly for edification. In fact, in fifth grade I was part of Virginia Beach Public Schools’ championship Battle of the Books team from Tallwood Elementary School. Reading is sport.

Growing up, I read a great deal of non-fiction. I became a pint-sized “expert” in the sinking of the Titanic, the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and historical diaries from children my age. I have always been very proud of the thousands of facts I have swirling in my head. I am a HORRIBLE person to sit next to when Jepoardy is on.

Now that I have children of my own, and it’s far less cool to put people in their place, I find I’m reading more and more for escape. Lately, I’m into Regency romances. I enjoy the romanticized ideas of a life full of prim and proper…until I remember they used chamber pots. Then I’m quite comfy in my modern world with my husband, central heating, and a complete lack of lace frippery.

However, my early competitive nature towards reading means that I still devour books. I don’t just speed read. I don’t stop reading for anything short of food and sometimes sleep. If I start a new book, I read almost non-stop until I’m through. To me, stopping while reading a book at a chapter or specific page is like pausing a movie halfway and finishing later. Ugh. I can’t do it!

With my Nook this is even more of a problem. My husband laughs that I drag that thing with me everywhere, even setting timers while I’m cooking so I can stop reading long enough to go stir dinner! And far too many nights he’s heard “I’ll come to bed in a few minutes” only to be awoken by me crawling in beside him at some ungodly hour of the morning. Thankfully, he’s a good sport. I only get a mild eye-rolling when he hears I have a new book to read. For the record, he’s a read one chapter at a time kind of person.

I’m also slowing down my gluttonous reading when I get a new book by reading more titles in genres I previously stayed away from. Today’s independent author movement has exposed me to many great writing friends and the curious cat in me can’t help checking out their novels. Recently, I fell in love with Gail Carriger’s The Parasol Protectorate series. I also devoured Snow White, the first title in the Red Rose thriller series by Saffina Desforges. And I don’t even like thrillers! Or steampunk! But I do now and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for similar titles.

So I set timers to not burn dinner and generally give up my sleep for reading. I’m trying to learn to slow down by reading books that are harder for me to devour because they are outside my comfort zone. What about you? How do you fit reading into your life? What is your favorite environment to read in?

As a special thank you for inviting me to Book Lover Stop, I have a special gift for all of the othe

r reading junkies out there: a free, signed copy of my debut novel’s ebook, CANCELLED. If you would like a signed copy, just sign up for my newsletter and the preferred ereader you list is the format I will send. I write a handwritten note for each reader and scan it into the file, so your ebook is 100% unique. My newsletter goes out only once per month on the 25th and covers my latest writing projects, books I’ve read and can personally recommend, and technology tips for our busy online lives.

Also, each Saturday for the month of January I am drawing a random number that correlates to the number of readers who signed up for the newsletter that week. This reader wins a signed, and annotated paperback copy of CANCELLED shipped straight to their door. I will ship internationally. 🙂

So thank you again for inviting me to the Book Lover Stop community. And here’s to a 2012 full of new stories and adventures!

Elizabeth Ann West is a Jane-of-all-trades, mistress to none! After writing non-fiction professionally for three years, she made the jump to fiction in 2011 with her debut novel, CANCELLED. A chicklit/romance from the male POV, Elizabeth’s novel challenges the conventions of modern romance. CANCELLED is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobleas both an ebook and paperback. Elizabeth also writes regular posts about technology subjects on Mark Williams international, and her sites and


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  1. Malvina January 12, 2012 at 10:24 am Reply

    I really want to read this book, I find it amazing.

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