Final Vector by: Allen Leverone

Title: Final Vector
Author: Allen Leverone
Publisher: Medallion Press Inc.
Pages: 400
Source: Pump Up Your Promotions Book Tour


Atlas flight #317 is in trouble and needs to land immediately. Air traffic controller Nick Jensen is working the Final Vector position at Boston’s Logan International Airport and must bring the plane in safely—but that’s not his only problem.

Unbeknownst to Nick, his wife, a Pentagon auditor, has just discovered potentially treasonous material on a fellow employee’s computer. On her way home to Nick, she is followed . . . by an assassin.

During another midnight shift, while returning to the Ops Room from a break, Nick sees three heavily armed men dressed head to toe in black fatigues patrolling the corridors of the supposedly secure FAA facility.

Meanwhile, the president of the United States is on his way to Logan’s International Airport.

To rescue a friend and dismantle the terrorists’ assassination plot, Nick must risk everything.

The clock is ticking as Air Force One approaches its Final Vector.

My Review:

This book was sent to me via Pump Up Your Books for an honest and fair review. This book was a great read it reminded me of the Die Hard Movies. You have Nick who is working as a Air Traffic Controller, after having suffered some loss he goes back to work to get into something while mourning his wife. When one night all hell breaks loose and Nick finds the strength to fight the terrorists. It definitely had me on the edge of my seat wondering how the terrorists would be defeated. I will definitely be looking for more books by this author. His story telling was terrific, there was action, mystery, adventure. And the start of an interesting romance in the book. It was a great break from your typical mystery book. This book had you rooting for Nick the whole time. I rate this book 5 stars, and a must have for anyone looking for a great page turner with mystery and mayhem.


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