Better Read Than Dead by: Victoria Laurie

Title: Better Read Than Dead
Author: Victoria Laurie
Publisher: Signet
Pages: 296
Series: Psychic Eye Mystery #2


Abby’s not a private investigator; she’s a psychic intuitive who works with a crew of spirit guides to foretell the future. And it’s crystal clear that Abby’s in for plenty of trouble in Better Read than Dead. A favor for a friend has landed her at a Mob-connected wedding, where she finds herself reading tarot for a hit man! Now the father of the bride has made Abby an offer she can’t refuse — an offer that’s interfering with both her personal life and her professional efforts to aid the police in their search for a violent rapist. Can she balance the psychic scales and see her way clear to a future where justice prevails? This outing by author Victoria Laurie (herself a psychic who has assisted in criminal investigations) indicates a long and happy future for Abby Cooper.

My Review:

Abby Cooper finds herself tangled up with the mob. While repaying a favor owed from her time off at the end of Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye. She is called to a wedding not realizing the connection to this wedding are mobsters. Things also aren’t panning out well for her and Dutch as neither are the best at knowing what to say to one another. Abby’s sister Cat tries her hand at Tarot to find she is less than productive at it. Abby is also on the hunt for a ski mask rapist tormenting the women of Michigan. Abby turns things around in her own quirky way. A great with tons of humor and psychic abilities.


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