Once Bitten, Twice Shy by: Jennifer Rardin

Title: Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Author: Jennifer Rardin
Publisher: Orbit
Pages: 308
Series: Jaz Parks Bk #1


Description via Goodreads:

Jaz Parks is an assistant assassin who works for the CIA. She and her boss, Vayl, have just received an assignment to meet, assess, and neutralize a Miami plastic surgeon with some disturbing supernatural connection. A spunky tale with real bite.

My Review:

While following the CIA operatives Jaz Parks and Vayl and their adventures this book sheds some insight into Jaz’s past and her life being with the CIA. I really enjoyed this story which is geared towards adults. I think it offers a lot adventure, mystery, big bad guys and girls who kick booty. I enjoyed the late Ms. Rardin’s writing style she does a superb job sharing information on various characters that are pulled off the page. Had me feeling like I was going along with them. The humor in this book was great had me laughing in so many situations. Can’t wait to read more by the late Ms. Rardin.


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